KWMC featured in new ENoLL publication on Living Lab Projects

KWMC‘s Bristol Living Lab is featured in the ENoLL publication ‘Living Lab Projects 2020: Co-creation & Experimentation in Real Life & Digital Environments’ , which includes a case study on their Forms of Intelligence project, a collaboration with the Digital Cultures Research Centre. As part of the case study, a series of inspiration cards were created to stimulate thoughts about how we live together and what the impact is of our choices.

Screenshot from publication

The project brought together people from across the UK and internationally to ask: what can we learn from animal and plant intelligence? How could nature teach us to look differently at what we value, how we work together, and how we plan for our future? Community activists, artists and researchers – with specialisms in spiders, ants, trees, fungi, butterflies, local wildlife, soil, coral, gardening, bees, dogs, birds, robotics, performance and visual arts – participated in on- and offline co-creation activities. 

The insights were transformed into a set of beautifully illustrated inspiration cards for co-species care by artist Kaajal Modi, designed to help us see different perspectives and consider who or what is impacted by our decisions. The cards and accompanying booklet include the voices of all participants and demonstrate the power of co-creating across disciplines

KWMC shared the cards and booklet with their ParCos partners, who are experimenting with co-creation tools to support arts-based approaches within their ParCos case studies. ParCos partner LUT used them in a planning session for their case study:

“It was really fun! The cards took our thinking into different creative directions.”

– LUT University

KWMC will participate in the ENoLL Digital Living Lab Days conference in September 2021 and give a talk on the UK ParCos case study.