Factory Takeover: engaging families in sustainability through creativity

As part of the UK case study, KWMC has been working with families in South Bristol to explore participatory science communication. On the 28th of October, KWMC held The Factory Takeover, which brought together 6 families (7 adults and 15 children) during the half-term holidays to explore sustainability through hands-on making, exploration and play. This hyperlocal approach illustrated the impact of engaging with science in a creative manner.

The Factory Takeover involved interactive activities including experimenting with biomaterials and creating pine resin pots from food waste, making laser cut protest placards about environmental issues that matter to them, repurposing waste materials with robots and pledging actions to reduce their environmental impacts.

The event was held at The Factory (KWMC’s innovation space for making, digital manufacturing and product design) in Knowle West, in collaboration with Maker City, a programme for makers aged 10-15 years. Seven young people who have completed the Maker City programme volunteered to help support the activities. The families enjoyed the interactive elements; one said ‘Resin casting is fun and smelly’ and another ‘Cross-generational activities are great’. You can learn about how to make your own bioplastic pine resin pot, guided by the Factory Team, by watching our video which has had nearly 2500 views on YouTube so far! 

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