Student assignment on creating data stories with different levels of participation

From September 2021 till January 2022, 17 students of Media and Information Design (LUCA School of Arts, campus Brussels, Belgium) created a wide range of participatory data stories on the topic of climate change. These third year Bachelor students were already trained at designing data visualisations, from creating non-fictional stories to shaping interaction design. For this assignment, they were asked to bring their design skills together. The process was guided by the ParCos Storyteller: a ParCos tool for guiding participation in data storytelling. Students were introduced to existing data stories that ranged from inviting the audience to interpret data and discover storyline(s) (see Figure 1 below, left), to participating in the story by contributing data, or even adding their own data story(line) (see Figure 1, right). 

Figure 1. Level of participation in data storytelling
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Exchanging inspiration for participatory science communication with students and media professionals at VRT

As part of the ParCos project VRT organised an inspiration session for young creatives and experienced media makers to think about new participatory ways of communicating science. On the 9th of May, 18 students of Media and Information Design from LUCA School of Arts visited the news department of VRT, the Flemish public broadcaster for a workshop with 6 creative media professionals. Together, they brainstormed about how current visual representations of science and data in a news context can be made more engaging. 

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Exploring public displays to bring scientific information to a broader audience

As part of the citizen science project AstroSounds, VRT worked together with students of LUCA School of Arts to create short, animated videos for public displays that deliver the scientific story in an engaging way to a broader audience. The videos were shown on public screens in the library Tweebronnen in Leuven and accompanied the physical installation of citizen science project AstroSounds.

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Engaging citizens to become ‘star listeners’

The Flemish citizen science project AstroSounds launches a call to Flemish citizens to listen to stars. In this way, citizens can help scientific research. As of January 11, 2022, visitors can discover AstroSounds (in Dutch) via a physical installation in the Tweebronnen Library in Leuven, as part of the KNAL! City Festival. Linked to the installation is a Belgian case study within the ParCos project, that aims to research how vertical video content on public screens can inform and engage people with science stories.

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