Case Studies

ParCos understands that data is experienced in subjective ways. ParCos will harness this. Case studies will explore participatory approaches to data analysis and the use of arts-based methods to build empathy to data and support discussions about conflicting ideas or interpretations of data.

Each case study will focus on a different set of stakeholders, who are using data as evidence and who want to tell a story with the data to reach a wider audience. A brief summary of case studies:

Case Study 1: design explorations based on weather or astronomical data to guide innovative storytelling in broadcasting (Belgium)
Case Study 2: local communities, collecting and using data to solve issues of importance to them, and communicating findings in personalised, intelligent and accessible ways such as through AI chatbots (UK)
Case Study 3: science in schools, looking at how schoolchildren can use the research data generated by universities and contextualise it to their own context and use through and share with others through documentaries (Finland)