“Train the Trainers” package


The ParCos D4.3 deliverable details the iterative creation of a ParCos training package. It is meant to be a pedagogical training package for educating future content creators and curators on how to use the developed dissemination tools, giving them concrete guidance on how to engage in reflective science communication efforts.

We will release further material during 2022 as part of subsequent development efforts (D4.4), and these include discussion on how the training package works in practice and should be applied, including recommendations for its successful and scientifically ethical use.

Download the materials

The card deck cutouts are available below and also as an interactive web link to Miro. If you download the files, we hope that you will check back for updates during 2022.

You can find an interactive, web-based version in Miro.


Materials can be cited as follows.
Van Even P., Zaman B., and Hannes K. (2022). Brief report on the ParCos Trainer training package. Deliverable draft 4.3 of the Horizon 2020 project ParCos, EC grant agreement no. 872500, Lappeenranta, Finland.