Case studies

Data and science communication can be interpreted and experienced in subjective ways. ParCos aims to harness this. Through different case studies, we explore participatory approaches with data storytelling and arts-based methods, to build empathy and encourage discussions about conflicting ideas or interpretations of data.

Each case study will focus on a different set of stakeholders, who are using data as evidence and want to tell a story with the data to reach a wider audience. A brief summary of case studies:

Belgian case study

Engaging citizens to become ‘star listeners’

Flemish public broadcaster VRT works on different case studies to engage a wide audience with data and scientific stories. These include creating an interactive weather app for youngsters and exploring vertical video formats on public screens.

Read more about the interactive weather app here.

Exploring public displays to bring scientific information to a broader audience

As part of a second case study, VRT worked together with students of LUCA School of Arts to create short, animated videos for public displays that deliver the scientific story of AstroSounds in an engaging way to a broader audience. The videos were shown on public screens in the library Tweebronnen in Leuven and accompanied the physical installation of citizen science project. The aim of the case study was to research how vertical video content on public screens can inform and engage new audiences with science stories.

Read more about the case study here.

UK case study

Knowle West Media Centre works with local communities, in collecting and using data to solve issues of importance to them. In a next step, they are looking to communicate findings in an immersive way, using virtual reality.

Read more about this case study and exploring community data here.

Finnish case study

LUT University works on science communication in schools, looking at how schoolchildren can use the research data generated by universities and contextualise it to their own context. In a first case study, they co-created a Data Drama experience, which uses embodied approaches to data exploration.

Read more about the Data Drama here.