“Train the Trainers” package


The Trainer Card deck is a reflection tool and contains guidelines for the design, iteration, and evaluation of science stories. The guidelines on the cards are posed in the form of questions to stimulate thinking and spark discussion. The questions on these cards are based upon quality criteria for science dissemination that were generated by a systematic review.​

The cards are characterized by three properties, including dimensions, layers, and themes.​

  • There are four science story dimensions in the card deck. The dimensions correspond with four different facets of science storytelling, namely: “science”, “communication”, “technological tool”, and “impact”.​
  • Within each dimension, we distinguish three layers that are ordered according to its complexity. These are ranging from the basic layer “layer 1”, the intermediate layer “layer 2”, to the most advanced layer “layer 3”.​
  • Within each dimension and at each layer, there are one or more theme-specific content cards. ​

Download the materials

The card deck cutouts and the manual are available for download below.

You can find an interactive, web-based version in Miro.


Van Even P., Zaman B. and Hannes K. (2022). ParCos Trainer update report. Deliverable 4.4 of the Horizon 2020 project ParCos, EC grant agreement no 872500, Lappeenranta, Finland.